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Practice areas overview

Practice Areas Overview

Residential and commercial real estate

Residential & Commercial Real Estate

Business law counsel

Business Law Counsel

Estate planning and administration

Estate Planning & Administration

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A Broad-Based Business Practice

At Shaw Legal Services Ltd., we are proud to say we are a full-service law firm, helping businesses with a very broad range of legal issues, from commercial real estate to business startups, established small and medium-sized businesses and international clients needing representation in the United States.

We represent clients with litigation, arbitration and administrative law concerns. Our broad experience benefits our clients, as we have handled legal issues from a variety of instances and perspectives.

This allows us to help structure your legal and real estate transactions to avoid or minimize litigation, and our depth of work with a range of businesses means when litigation becomes unavoidable, we can help you develop strategies to cost-effectively resolve disputes as quickly as practicable.

Counselors And Outside In-House Counsel

We understand the challenges small and medium-sized businesses face. After all, we are a small business ourselves. We recognize that legal matters may not be apparent to you as a business owner or may seem to be a distraction.

The truth is it is always less expensive to deal with legal concerns sooner rather than later. We offer a full range of legal services to businesses and function as “outside in-house” counsel for many businesses. This can save you money and frustration in the long run and help your business be successful.

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Experienced Estate Planning And Administration

Today is the best time to begin your estate plan. Our attorneys can help you determine the type of plan you need. We will explain how a will, powers of attorney, advance directives and trusts can serve your needs and those of your family. Our substantial business law experience means we are exceptionally suited to assist business owners with developing succession plans and structuring their businesses to protect both the long-term interests of the business and of their family.

For family businesses, we understand the unique challenges that can develop, and we can help you create the instruments that ensure your goals are not impeded by unforeseen family developments, like an unexpected death or divorce.